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How many guests can Southwind accommodate in the dining hall and in the dorms?

Presently, Southwind has a total of 276 beds available in its various dorms and cabins. However, we do have contingency bedding options for groups larger than 276. The dining room can accommodate approximately 320 guests.

Is there a minimum reservation number required?

For exclusive use of the property, Southwind requires a minimum of 175 paying guests. We are glad to accommodate smaller groups, however, there is a possibility that the facility may need to be shared with another group. In such cases, assistance will be provided in coordinating meal times and use of the main meeting room.

Are you able to host small groups? What if we provide our own meals?

The weekend minimum for renting the camp is 125 full-paying guests. Smaller groups are definitely welcome, but in most cases they will have to be booked in an instance where it is possible to share the camp facility with another group.  In order for us to host a mid-week group and provide the food through our kitchen, there is a required minimum of 50 guests.

Silver Glen, our adult housing unit, can house a maximum of 24 guests. It is ideal for smaller groups and has a microwave, full fridge, toaster oven and stove top (no oven). Please note, this building is only available to be booked individually when it is not being used by a group reserving the main camp facility.

What is the group expected to clean up at the end of the weekend?

Clean-up includes folding blankets, picking up trash, putting back any furniture that has been moved, cleaning bathrooms and sweeping or vacuuming floors in cabins. In deluxe housing please strip the beds.

School Season: Will each guest need to bring linens?

Southwind does not typically provide linens except in Silver Glen (the premium suites). If coordinated in advance, however, bedding and towels can be arranged for an additional $4 per person. Otherwise, guests should bring their own sheets/sleeping bag, pillow and towel.

What staffing is the group responsible for providing?

Each group is asked to provide a work crew. These individuals help in the dining hall by doing such things as setting tables, serving the meals, busing the tables and running the dishes through the washer. Bringing a work crew helps maintain excellent service for your group as well as keep camp cost low. Groups are asked to bring a ratio of one work crew person for every 10 guests up to a maximum of 25 (this should include at least one work crew supervisor). All work crew stay and eat for free during their time at Southwind. Keep in mind that the work crew will be busy, so they should not be expected to participate in the week/weekend's activities.

We also ask guests to bring a medical provider (EMT, doctor or nurse). This person will assist in tending to any minor medical situations.

We also require that groups bring a lifeguard in order to use the pool.

As with the work crew, the medical provider (and their family) and the lifeguard stay and eat for free.

I am ready to reserve a week/weekend ... what is my next step?

Contact our office. Once an available week/weekend has been agreed upon and a contract has been signed, you will be sent a Guest Services Information (GSI) packet. The GSI will list contracted and estimated numbers, meal times, store and snack bar times and requested activities (ropes course, etc.). If any information on the GSI is incorrect or needs to be changed, please contact the camp office 10 days prior to arrival.

For Parents: How do I register for summer camp?

Reservations for summer camp are made through local Young Life area offices. Contact information for Young Life offices is available on the Young Life web site If you are unable to locate your area office, please call Southwind directly.

For Parents: What age campers can attend Southwind summer camp?

Southwind offers eight weeks of middle school camping.

Work Crew: How do I participate in work crew during the summer?

Work crew is the volunteer experience at a Young Life property for those in high school. To be eligible, a student must have completed one year of high school and his or her local area's work crew training course. The work crew serve campers in a variety of ways including as dining hall servers, grounds crew, and housekeepers. An applications begins with a recommendation from the local Young Life leader. The deadline for work crew applications is March 15. However, any spots not filled by the work crew quota will be made available mission wide after March 15.

Summer Staff: How do I participate in Summer Staff?

Summer Staff is the volunteer experience at a Young Life property for those who have been out of high school for at least one year. The Summer Staff serve the campers in a variety of ways, including working in the store, office, snack bar, kitchen, or running the rides. Once an application has been filled out, it will be sent to the local Young Life leader who will write the recommendation and route it to Southwind.

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