Summer Staff

This volunteer experience is for those who have completed at least one year of college (or are of college age or older). The summer staff roles require considerable maturity and non-verbal witness. Each summer staff session is about one month long. Please apply as soon after December 1st as possible. Qualified applicants will be accepted into positions based on the order applications are received. If you have any questions, contact us.

To Apply:

Please first check availability​ of openings. Then apply online. You will need the email address of a Young Life staff person who is willing to write a recommendation on your behalf.

Session Dates

Session 1: May 24 - June 19 ​ ​ ​ ​ Session 2:​ June 20 - July 15


Bike Wrangler, Cook, Baker, Snack Bar, Store, Crafts, Lifeguard, Program Tech, Townrunner, Giant Swing, Maintenance / Landscaping, Office

Work Crew

This volunteer experience is for those in high school. To be eligible you must have completed one year of high school and complete your local area's work crew training course. Each work crew session is about one month long during the summer.


Tawashies (laundry & housekeeping), Servers (dining hall), Pits (dishwashers), Outdoor Crew

To Apply:

The application process begins with a Young Life staff recommendation. To apply, please talk with your local Young Life staff.

Medical Program

Summer Camp Doctor​ — Each week over 300 campers and leaders load up and head out for the best week of their lives. To provide the best possible care, we need physicians* to help us meet the medical needs of the campers and summer volunteers at camp. All camp physicians and their families stay at camp during the week of service at no cost.

School Season Opportunities— We are also in need of medical providers for camps during the school season months at Southwind. These camps are shorter (usually over a weekend), quieter and more relaxing than summer camping. Contact us​ if you are interested in this opportunity.

To Apply:

Please complete a Camp Medical Professionals Application.

Please contact Jose Lazo for more information about the Medical program at

The week will be more like a mission trip than a vacation. The camp physician’s* primary role is to provide timely triage assessment of guests who require medical care for an injury or an illness during their week at camp. They direct the course of action in the event of an emergency and decide which patients need to be transferred to the local clinic or hospital. Southwind has an EMT or Paramedic serving each week as well. Along with the doctor, the EMT/Paramedic staffs the camp infirmary for one half hour after each meal to care for minor injuries, colds, sore throats, etc. The physician is on call 24/7 for any emergencies. The physician must also adequately document the medical record to reflect the care that has been given. At no time should any physician practice medicine that falls outside of their medical license and level of experience and training.

Your spouse and children, ages 17 and younger, are invited to share the week with you. Whether it’s enjoying meals together, swimming in the pool, or watching Young Life summer camp in action — you are sure to have a great time. Time and space permitting, your family will have an opportunity to experience the many activities around camp. 

*Must be licensed in the state of Florida (MD, OD, RN, LPN, PA).

Weekend Wranglers

Throughout the school season, Southwind relies heavily on college-aged volunteers to help keep camp running.​ We have wrangler programs for our giant swing, retail department, and the kitchen. If you're interested in getting plugged into our wrangler program or would like more specific information, please fill out the Wrangler Interest Form.


Senior Volunteer Program

Volunteers have been an integral part of Southwind's development and maintenance since its beginning. Buildings have come to life, flowers have been planted, and projects have been completed time and time again because of the help we continue to receive from our team of volunteers.

Our Senior Volunteer or "RV" program is available for seniors who are looking to have a meaningful retirement to come down to Southwind and do the Lord's work in helping maintain this beautiful camp. Our campsite that sits directly across the street from camp includes electric, sewer and water for five RV's that are ready to make Southwind home. Wireless internet is also available.

Interested? Please fill out the form linked below.

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